Fried Chicken Friday

Fried Chicken Friday

WHAT:  Bucket of Buttermilk Fried Chicken  
             Napa Cabbage Slaw +
             Whole Grain Mustard Potato Salad +
             Basket O'Buttermilk Biscuits!
WHEN:  First Friday of the month!  // 5pm - 7pm

Friday, July 7th - SOLD OUT!
Friday, August 4th - tickets available from July 10th - 31st
Friday, Sept. 1st - tickets available from August 7th - 28th
Friday, Oct. 6th - tickets available from Sept. 4th - Oct. 2nd

WHERE:  1075 Atlas Peak Rd. Napa, CA 94558

PRICE:  Food (serves up to 4) // $100
              Wine // available for purchase

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