2010 Fable Jackal Bird

2010 Fable Jackal Bird
One day, two men, who had been best friends since they were very young boys, were walking into town when a beautiful bird with one black wing and one white wing flew in between them and glided along next to them as they walked. Later, one of the men said to the other, “Wasn’t that a beautiful white bird we saw earlier?” The other replied, “The bird wasn’t white, it was black!” A long, bitter argument ensued because they were each certain they were right. The bird flew back to them later as they were arguing and said, “Look, you were both wrong, I am both black and white.” The men became angry with the bird for making them fight, but the bird only said, “It is not my fault, but yours, for not trying to see from each others’ perspectives. How foolish you were to cast away your friendship so quickly simply because you both thought you were right about something so trivial!”
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