2006 Agharta Exhibit B Image

2006 Agharta Exhibit B

Agharta Wines is the continuation of a project that I began in 2002. Utilizing the lowest yielding vineyards that produce the most intensely concentrated wines and age them in barrel until they ‘unfold’ and start to reveal secondary nuance. This process is unsettling at times as the wines could prove to need many years to mature and evolve in barrel until I feel they are ready to be bottled.

Bound by law to limit the details of how or why I ended up with this and quite a few other incredible wines, I chose to call it exactly what the courts called it. Exhibit B.

Many years in the making…three vintages sacrificed for this one, is this a slight detour…a rare collectors item?….Call it what you will, we call it a pretty far out bottle of wine that ended up being…40% Merlot, 34% Cabernet Franc, 22% Cabernet Sauvignon and 4% Petit Verdot. Mendocino is not Napa Valley, you won't confuse this wine for a hard hitting Napa Superstar, but you may also find that to be one of it's most appealing aspects.

Tasting Note:
Intense candied black currants, dark fruit compote, tar, roses and violets on the very dense and dark aromas of this wine. Supple as Merlot can be with a ferrous quality to it that brings ripe tannins with exotic chocolate and succulent spices…not at all sweet, but layered with the essence of fruit with immense density and concentration. The finish is long and supple and expansive…the tannins dissolve slowly but surely leaving your mouth literally watering for another sip…remind me to check that these bottles hold 750mls…because I just emptied another one…quickly…


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